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* Head of Software Engineering *

Cebu City   |   Full Time

We have an exciting opportunity for  Head of Software Engineering working Day Shift from home (60% WFH even after quarantine)

When you Join Valhalla, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Highly competitive salary paid 2 times per month (on time) 

  • HMO after 6 months

  • Profit sharing bonus pool share every quarter

  • Annual salary reviews and increases

  • Free food and coffee

  • Team building and company outings

  • Laid-back, relaxed and fun environment with a mix of office and WFH

  • Fun projects that provide learning

  • Access to books and courses to help you learn anything you want

  • Unlimited access to Gym, Sauna, and Pool

  • Toastmasters subsidy (3k every 6 months)

  • Paid Leave Program

Are you eager to keep learning new skills?

Do you value self-growth and development?

Do you enjoy a flexible work schedule and a fun culture?

Are you self-responsible and someone who honors your commitments?

If the answer is YES, then we need someone like YOU!

We are looking for Head of Software Engineering


Basic Requirements:

  • You live in Cebu or willing to relocate to Cebu

  • If relocation is not possible:

    • Willing to come here to Cebu for the mandatory mid-year and end year gathering
    • Willing to come to Cebu on a regular occasion such as monthly or quarterly based on project specifics
  • You love coding 

  • You love learning and you are always working hard on making yourself better

  • You like helping others 

  • You work hard to do great work, but you are also willing to make mistakes

Soft skills:

  1. Have strong spoken and written communication skills.
  2. Experience and desire to mentor junior developers
  3. Ability to prioritize tasks and self-manage
  4. Have strong attention to detail, thrive on a challenge and display a passion for success.
  5. Be persuasive by using facts, clear arguments and personal stance to influence and persuade others.
  6. Willingness and ability to lead others and take initiative
  7. Be a good listener and note-taker

Technical Requirements:

  1. You have experience working in teams of varying sizes
    1. Including larger teams of 15+ developers
    2. And smaller teams of 1-3 developers
  2. You have at least 7 years professional experience in software development
  3. Minimum 3 years of experience as a technical architect, or similar technical decision maker for large software development projects
  4. Experience in multiple coding languages and frameworks (e.g. NodeJS, Laravel, Python, C#), with the ability to choose the right language for a particular project
  5. Experience with Architectural patterns for High Availability, Performance, Scalability, Disaster Recovery, and Security.
  6. High degree of knowledge on cloud-based architectures and deployment. As well as experience in multiple AWS tools such as:
    • Lambda (serverless)
    • DynamoDB
    • EC2 & RDS
    • Strong understanding of VPC and VPC Networking
    • S3
    • IAM Roles & Permissions
  7. Experience w/ databases. both Relational and NoSQL, database optimization, database scaling, etc.
  8. Excellent knowledge of the whole SDLC process and methodologies

Optional Job Requirement:

  1. Experience in mobile development
  2. Knowledge of search engines: Apache Solr and / or Elasticsearch
  3. Background in Machine Learning

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Work with international clients to create scopes of work

  2. Support teams of engineers in high-level decision making and designing good software architecture

  3. Help audit, refactor, and debug existing software programs.

  4. Work with multiple languages and continuously learn the dynamics of different tech stacks.

  5. Help with interviewing other developers and also defining job descriptions

  6. Help the company grow and improve by putting in your dedication, initiative and unique ideas.

  7. Work closely with product management, engineering, quality assurance, sales, and professional services teams, etc

  8. Creating learning tracks and educating junior team members to grow and develop their skills


We are looking forward to meeting you!

To start your journey with us, simply copy and paste this link:


No need for an application letter.


Work Address:

Valhalla Online Services Inc.

85 Juan Luna Ave., Kasambagan Cebu City

Company Overview:

Valhalla is a tribe of like-minded people who like to solve problems with technology. We are people who believe that we can use technology and businesses to solve human problems but only if we prioritize humans! 

We have built a culture we are very proud of by attracting people who share our hierarchy of values. We all live by similar values; especially these 4:

  • Personal Growth 

    • We all are obsessed with endless learning, growth and personal improvement and we take personal ownership of it

  • Energy & Full Engagement - 

    • We are each committed to maintaining high levels of positive energy and being fully present in everything we do. We choose to show up as our best selves.

  • Comradery & Fellowship

    • We all thrive best when we are surrounded by people who share our values and who have our backs.

  • Reliability

    • We each IDENTIFY as people who simply SAY what we do, and DO what we say.

Company Website:

Company Facebook Page:

Why join us:

If you want to continue to make progress in life by learning, getting new experiences and being around highly knowledgeable, helpful people, this is the place for you. 

We are a human-centric tribe of people highly committed to solving problems for other humans through business and innovation. However, it is our tribe that we focus on first and foremost as we can solve many more problems in amazing ways with happy, healthy people who are always learning and growing. 

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